We are proud to introduce our new inflatable sleeping mats by High Peak.  These new mats are must have for the camper who wants add warmth for those cold nights, or the summer camping enthusiast who needs to travel with minimal weight.  These inflatable mats work by creating an air pocket between you and the ground, giving you a softer pillow top feel, while trapping heat to keep warm, and creating a moisture barrier to keep you dry! Go to todays deal at www.rustydeals.com, and take advantage of our special priing for this item!

 . Durable sleeping pad ideal for camping trips

  • High Peaks sleeping pad is self-inflating with quality brass valves
  • Sleeping pad keeps moisture out and heat in
  • Thick mat provides the comfort you need for a good night’s rest in the outdoors
  • Made of strong 210T oxford polyester and PVC
  • Medium-sized pad measures 72 inches long x 20 inches wide x 1.5 inches thick
  • Weight: 2.77 pounds
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    I hope everyone is having a great start to there holiday season, I wanted to take a few minutes and give our customers some product info on High Peak Gear. www.rustydeals.com has been a High Peak dealer for several years now and I am still amazed at the quality of this product! You get high-end materials and features that are normally found on much more expensive products for a fraction of the cost. In-fact we are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase of High Peak products, that we give you a 30 day money back guarantee! For any reason if you are not happy with your purchase, we will return your money no questions asked! Just send your order back in the original box and packaging, that’s all we ask. So check out www.rustydeals.com and give High peak Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Backpacks a try. As always, all shipping is free, and we donate 3% of all proceeds to the humane society. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

    Great opportunity to get an amazing deal on High Peak backpack’s, 4 models on sale for the month of November. Both the Luna 55+10 and the Luna 45+10 are included in this sale, these are great backpack’s with ton’s of features designed especially for a woman, you can read the full review on this blog.  Luna 55+10 Women’s Backpack  is  priced at $109.00, and the Luna 45+10 Women’s Backpack   is priced at $87.00. We also have the High Peak Backpack Alpine 70+10  for $104.00, and the  High Peak Backpack Phantom 45+10  for $88.00. I just checked amazon and overstock and this is by far the best pricing on the net, and as with all RustyDeals shipping is always FREE! Check www.rustydeals.com

    Dare we say the words Happy Holidays,  holiday shopping is just around the corner and will be here before we know it. In the spirit of the season I thought it would be fun to start some specials early. So til the end of october with the purchase of any High Peak sleeping bag receive a High Peak Duffel bag for only $10.00, the duffel bag retails for $49.00, measures 38 x 15 x 15, has front pocket, two side pockets, and an oversized main compartment. This is a great duffel bag for weekend trips and makes a great gift! When you go to www.rustydeals.com, click on Todays Deal to access the $10.00 duffel bag with sleeping bag purchase coupon, and as with all Rustydeals, shipping is always free! So check out www.rustydeals.com and take a look at are awesome deals on High Peak Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Backpacks. Happy Halloween!!!

    The High Peak Brand was born in Germany in 1983, and is a division of Simex Sports which specializes in outdoor camping fields for tents, sleeping bags, back packs and accessories. Since then High Peak has created a team of experts specializing in the outdoor fields to design and supervise all the outdoor product manufacturing. The dynamic of this structure has resulted in products with amazing performance that has won High peak numerous recognition and awards from the both the European and North American markets. At www.rustydeals.com we take great pride in offering this exceptional product and look forward to helping you with your outdoor needs. You can contact me directly at marka@rustydeals.com


    Mark Abplanalp

    V.P. of Sales

    Women's Luna Backpack

    Women's Luna Backpack

    Today I wanted to introduce you to the High Peak women’s specific line of backpacks, they are ergonomically designed for a women’s body and shape for a more comfortable and better fitting backpack.  High Peak outdoor sports gear started in 1983 in Germany and has become one of the leading brands in the outdoor sports industry in Europe. High Peak uses the highest quality of materials, with innovative design’s that have great practical use and affordability to be offered in one backpack. We will start off with the Luna 55+10 and the Luna 45+10, these bags are both very similar so I will start off with what they have in common first. Both backpacks share the High Peak Vario system, this is a very cool system that allows you to easily adjust both shoulder straps at once, no more trying to get each strap adjusted perfectly with the tedious buckles that always need to be readjusted. The Vario system also combines anatomic back padding for a precise customizable fit, 3D-mesh covered EVA foam hip belt for comfortability, with  quick adjust buckle, pre-shaped high density shouder straps with 3D-mesh and height-adjustable load transfer straps plus chest belt, and pre-shaped bendable aluminum bars for added stability. Both the Luna 55+10 and the Luna 45+10 have 1 top lid pocket, extendable top lid, detachable hood that can be used as a fanny pack, 2 main separate compartments, rain cover, suitable for hydration pack, mobile phone/mp3 electronics pocket, Gel-foam comfort, ice axe/shovel handle holder. The Luna 45+10 adds side pockets, front pocket, and X-rod suspension system for slightly more comfortability and stability. The Luna 65+10 is almost the same backpack as the Luna 55+10, but eliminates the Vario system, adds side pockets, two top lid pockets, and has two compression straps instead of one. In the world of high priced backpacks the 3 are very reasonably priced considering all of the technology built in to them. The Luna 45+10 starts the line up at $87.00, the Luna 55+10 at 109.00, and the Luna 65+10 at 139.99. These backpacks are priced incredibly well and at www.rustydeals.com we offer FREE shipping on all of are online purchases.

    Women's Luna Backpack 2

    Women's Luna Backpack 2

    This is a great sleeping bag from High Peak, it’s the High Peak Cascade -40 Sleeping Bag. Lets break down the materials used in this bag and the advantages they give you when combined together. First lets look at Thermolite,  Thermolite® provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It’s the lightweight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance… because it’s fabric made with ADVANSA engineered hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation. Plus, wearers stay drier because it dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics,and 50% faster than cotton. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it’s comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement. When DuPont scientists originally created Thermolite®, nature was their role model. They discovered that polar bears have furcontaining thousands of tiny air pockets for greater insulation. From this simple discovery, Thermolite® and its and hollow-core fibres were born.Hollow-core fibre technology provides the most warmth at the lightest weight. The larger surface area allows for faster evaporation by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more quickly. As you can see this is the perfect material to be used in sleeping Bags, lightweight, durability, dry’s quickly, provides great warmth, it’s the closest thing to down without all the headaches, plus when down gets wet, it looses it’s ability to keep you warm! Next the  High Peak Cascade -40 Sleeping Bag combines the fiber Tactel into this sleeping bag.   TACTEL® fiber, a dynamic speciality fiber with a delightful feel and a sensational appearance, is the perfect response to a new generation of fabrics and garments which deliver a wide range of benefits, well beyond traditional materials. Tactel is known for its performance benefits and it’s durability, lets take a look at each of them.

    • Strength – The inherent strength of TACTEL® fiber enables the production of fabrics that are 3 times as tough (resilient) as those based on natural fibers.
    • Softness – According to fl exural rigidity testing, TACTEL® fiber is at least twice as soft as most other fibers
    • Lightweight – Fabrics made with TACTEL® fiber are at least 20% lighter than most other fabrics for the same cover value.
    • Easy Care – TACTEL® fiber dries 8 times faster than cotton.
    • Breathability – Breathability is one of the most vital properties in a fabric when it comes to comfort. The performance of fabrics made with TACTEL® fiber meets these requirements.

    Finally the High Peak – 40 Cascade sleeping bag uses Quallofill, Quallofill has 4 holes inside the fibers shaped like a cross instead of one big one like in Hollofill. It is also treated with a slickening agent so the fibers don’t bind together resulting in better compression, better down like feel and  longer life and slightly lighter weight. This makes the High Peak Cascade – 40 a super performer at any price, and considering you get all this at $135.00,  it makes this sleeping bag a killer deal! 

    High Peak Cascade -40 Sleeping Bag

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    Sale price: $108.00